Here I’ve described the most popular wedding photography add-ons, but the list is not comprehensive. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, have a chat with me to discuss possibilities for your wedding.


The Photobooth is a great source of entertainment and can capture a whole other side of the wedding reception. You will be amused and amazed at the photos people take of themselves when the creativity (and booze) is flowing! The open-air design of my Photobooth is much more inclusive and entertaining than the traditional enclosed booths – instead of guests standing in line being bored, they can watch the fun going on, and even get involved by shouting suggestions or jumping into the shot. There is often a crowd gathered around who aren’t waiting but are just enjoying the spectacle.

The Details

The Photobooth requires a 3m x 3m space and is very quick to set up. I usually do it at the beginning of the wedding reception to be ready to go by the end of the entrée. You can choose to have the Photobooth with or without prints:

  • If you elect to go with prints, the Photobooth will print up to four copies of each strip – one to stick in a guest book (alongside comments from your guests) as a fun keepsake from your wedding, and the others for your guests to keep. Choose from our photo strip design range and have them customised with your name and date for free, or pay a small fee to have the photo strips custom designed with your wedding branding. You will receive all the photos in full resolution on DVD along with your other wedding photos. You can also choose to have the photos upload instantly to Facebook on the night.
  • If you elect to go without prints, you will get all the photos in full resolution on DVD along with your other wedding photos.

The Prices

Photobooth without prints $450
Photobooth with unlimited prints $950

Custom strip design with wedding branding $50
Box of props to help with your guests’ creativity $50
Black card spiral bound guest album with adhesive and pens $80


After you have received your DVD of photos, you might like to have them somewhere other than gathering virtual dust on your computer. Wedding photography albums are a wonderful way of looking through your photos with loved ones and make a great addition to the coffee table. Years later, after you’ve lovingly flicked through the pages countless times, you can pass them on as beautiful, expressive heirlooms. Cheaper albums can also be great gifts for those your wedding day couldn’t have happened without. I offer a variety of wedding albums to suit different budgets, tastes and purposes. You can read about them and get a feel for them through the videos below. You are also very welcome to drop by and experience them in person. Contact me to arrange a time and I’ll set you up with a cup of coffee, a comfy chair, and the full range of sample albums.

The Process

The process for creating your wedding photography album is simple. Choose your favourite 100 or so photos (or 40-ish photos for the Deluxe Card Album), and I’ll design the book around them. You will receive an electronic draft of the design, so you get to see what it will look like and suggest any changes before we send it off for printing. After you have approved the design, production takes about 4 weeks. If you would like multiple album designs (for example, you want different images in parent gift albums), please allow an extra $100 per additional album design. Albums are 80 sides, except for the Deluxe Card Album which has a maximum of 40 sides.


Standard Albums $900

The 12×12 inch Standard Albums are budget-friendly hard cover albums with full page images that are a delight to flick through. Leave your album out on the coffee table as a conversation starter or gift them to those who made your wedding day complete. Small 7X7 inch parent albums can be purchased in the same design as the main album for $400 each.


Premium Albums $1800

The 12×12 inch Premium Albums are lovingly hand crafted, with superior ink and a laminated finish for exceptional quality and durability. The special lay-flat binding allows images to stretch seamlessly across a two page spread without losing a millimetre in the spine. Treasure your wedding album throughout your lifetime, then pass it on as a beautiful heirloom. Small 8X8 inch parent albums can be purchased in the same design as the main album for $900 each

Premium Albums can be upgraded with the Deluxe Case for an additional $200 or the leather cover and Deluxe Case for an additional $400.


Deluxe Card Albums $1800

The 10×10 inch Deluxe Card Albums feature  thick card pages reminiscent of the old matted albums but with a modern edge. Expertly crafted so that each page lies completely flat, the Albums offer beautiful two-page spreads and effortless one-handed perusal. With superior ink, spill-resistant lamination, and thick card pages that won’t bend or rip, the Deluxe Card Albums will last a lifetime, and then some.


Proof Books

Extra wedding photography proof books can be ordered at $200 each, delivered.


Engagement shoots capture a different side of you as a couple than the wedding photography, and can be enjoyed without the time, social, and stress pressures of the big day. The photos can be used to add a personal touch to your engagement or wedding invitations, or for hanging on your wall. To see photos from some engagement shoots, check out this gallery.

The Prices

For wedding photography clients $600
For non-wedding photography clients $1100