Cairns, Port Douglas Wedding Photography

People often ask me if I travel regionally, interstate or overseas to photograph weddings, and the answer is a definite yes. I love photographing weddings in Port Douglas and around Cairns. The weather is lovely, and I enjoy the chance to photograph a wedding in the tropical scenery that you don’t find in many other areas of Australia. I don’t mind the fresh seafood either :).  If you are getting married in Port Douglas or Cairns, and are considering having me as your wedding photographer, please contact me to discuss the possibility. I won’t charge anything for travel time and may even split the travel costs with you.

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Common questions about Cairns and Port Douglas wedding photography

I offer the same package I offer clients from any destination, which you can read about under Wedding Info, The Package. The only difference is that we do need to consider travel costs. Please contact me to discuss this.
I have never shot a wedding (including Cairns/Port Douglas weddings) where I haven’t met the couple beforehand. I usually like to meet with a couple twice before the wedding day (you can read about my usual process under ‘Will we meet you before the wedding?’ on the Common questions about wedding photography page). If you happen to come to Adelaide any time in the lead up to the wedding, I will be as flexible as possible in meeting with you. However if you’re happy on the sunny coast of Port Douglas or Cairns and don’t want to leave, I can definitely understand that too. In the latter case we can have the equivalent of the first meeting over Skype, the phone, or even email. Then, for the second meeting, I will arrive in Port Douglas or Cairns a day or two before your wedding, to give us an opportunity to catch up and run through photography locations and the other details of the day.
Yes, it is definitely possible and I have done it before. However because of the weight of the equipment, it will cost extra to fly it over with me.
No, the  contract does not change, regardless of whether I’m photographing your wedding in Adelaide, Port Douglas, or Germany.
It is up to you. If you are local to the Port Douglas or Cairns area, you may have a few special spots in mind, and if so, I am happy to include them in the day. However do not be stressed if you don’t have any ideas or are only flying in for the wedding yourselves. As mentioned under ‘Will we meet with you before our Cairns or Port Douglas wedding?’ I will arrive in Port Douglas / Cairns a day or two before your wedding and allow enough time to scout out wedding photography locations myself. I am very experienced in finding locations that look beautiful through the lens of a camera, and doing it this close to the wedding means the lighting conditions and seasonal variations will be consistent on the day.
For answers to common questions that are not specific to Port Douglas or Cairns, please see the main Common Questions about wedding photography page.

Cairns / Port Douglas Weddings I have photographed

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